Cattle For Qurbani

Cattle For Qurbani


Live weight (approx.) : 229 kg

Feedlot duration : 2 Years

Feed : Jumboo, Lucerne, Napier, Silage,

Color : Red

Gender : Male – Bull (ষাঁড়)

No. of Teeth : 02

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Live cattle will be delivered 2 days before eid.

1) This service is valid for Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet Cities
2) In Dhaka City, processed Meat will be delivered on the 3rd day of Eid-Ul-Azha in chilled condition meat will be delivered in frozen condition. In Chittagong & Sylhet cities, meat will be delivered in frozen condition on 6th day of Eid-Ul-Azha.
3) The whole carcass will be chopped into 17-18 pcs per kg.
4) Meat will be packed in 3 kg packs; 5 such packs will make the master carton.
6) Red offal like liver, heart, kidney, lung, spleen will be delivered separately.
Head meat, Paya and Brain will also be delivered in separate cartons.
7)Buyer need to provide the detailed address with nearest land mark and contact numbers in order to receive the meat.
8)Delivery spot should have enough space for a chiller van/truck to move freely and get the product delivered.
9) In case the chosen cattle develop any infection, falls sick or deemed unfit – utshob reserves the right to inform the client and replace the cattle.
In case of any unavoidable circumstances, utshob may have to change the date of meat delivery.
10) After receiving the final delivery (meat or live cattle) as per utshob Meat’s Standard Procedure.ante-mortem, no complaints will be considered valid.
During delivery, the buyer has to show the purchase receipt and sign the ‘Received’ form.
11) Refund Policy: Qurbani Order cannot be cancelled once confirmed; no refund. Please make sure to check all cattle related information, terms & condition before purchase. A confirmed Qurbani order cannot be cancelled or refunded.
As part of Qurbani to be accepted by Allah SWT, purchaser must be happy with animal.

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