Pureit Classic Autofill 23L Water Purifier



64 cms


29 cms


29 cms​


4.3 kg

Top Chamber Capacity

9 Litres

Transparent chamber capacity

9 Litres

Material of construction

Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Plastic

999 in stock

SKU: Pureit01
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Why Pureit?

While tap water anyway contains impurities, boiling it doesn’t remove all of the harmful substances either. Water needs a more advanced, more extensive purification process and that’s where Pureit comes in. We at Pureit believe that a reverse osmosis water filter with activated carbon filters and ultraviolet light is the most cost effective way to purify drinking water. Comparing the Pureit water purification process and boiling is enough to see that the latter is insufficient in getting rid of the contaminants in drinking water. Pureit water purifiers use advanced purification technologies such as RO and UV to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, heavy metals such as iron rust and toxic carcinogens. Don’t wait, switch to Pureit today and feel the difference!


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