5-in-1 Super Charger Meal Box-0

5-in-1 Super Charger Meal Box


5-in-1 Super Charger Meal Box

A complete Meal Box of 5 KFC food items all in one- A king size Burger with 2 Chicken strips,1 piece of spicy Chicken leg, 2 pieces of KFC’s best Chicken Wings smeared with a lip-smacking lemon & chili flavors, 1 Snickers and 1 Pepsi.

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5-in-1 Super Charger Meal Box

This Super Charger Meal Box is everything to bring life and excitement to any party or celebration for the beloved ones to rejoice. Food items like this can be enjoyed on occasions like Birthday, Formal Party, Mother’s Day etc.Your loved ones would definitely cherish good memories of tasting great food on a special day!


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