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The ultimate pizza for all meat lovers- BBQ chicken, chicken and Beef topped with onions , mushrooms, capsicum and lots of cheese.

Personal Pan Pizza.(for 1 person)

Available in 2 other sizes. (Choose from the drop down for bigger sizes)

Medium(for 2 people)
Family(for 4 people)

We also offer 2 more different crust choices.(Choose from the drop down for different crust choices)

1) Pan Pizza
Our World Famous thick crust pizza is light and fluffy on the inside and golden brown and crunchy on the outside. It will just melt in your mouth.

2) Bigizza(Only for Medium Size)
Soft melted mozzarella string cheese rolled into the light garlic-finished crust, Eat in backward!

3 Cheesy Bite
A Pizza with popable cheese filled bites.


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